Leila Aoujdad – Independent Film producer

Leila has collaborated with several media agencies and worked to promote investments in emerging economies. She has travelled extensively in Africa and the Arab world (Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Libya, Sudan, Morocco, Mauritania, etc.) where she met and interviewed some of the most influential people in the world, including several Arab women.

She was interviewed on national television in Kuwait:


With this series of documentaries, she wants to inspire other dynamic and engaging productions on women in other parts of the world where women tend to be marginalized and to show the dynamism and efforts of some of these extraordinary women.

Recently, Leila was interviewed on Women Lead Radio on the Connected Women of Influence radio show in the United States :

Leila was also a speaker at the Arab World Institute (Institut du Monde Arabe), presenting investment opportunities in Morocco, according to the link here:
Among other things, she was the moderator of a debate on Islam and secularism in France with a famous French-Algerian physicist and Islamologist, Ghaleb Bencheikh :
The issues of Islam and cultural identity have always been of great interest to Leila AOUJDAD. Proud of her multiple identities, born in France and having lived 15 years in twenty or so countries, Leila has always been interested in promoting cultural diversity as a source of inspiration and wealth and in combating ignorance and intolerance.

This film production is a means of achieving a closer and more intimate understanding of contemporary Arab culture. As a French- Moroccan and Muslim woman, she wants to showcase other women who are proud to be who they are and who are inspiring their generation and beyond.